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Anna Kendrick did the opposite of trolling with her sexy leg action

10.24.2016by: Droz

I had an opportunity to preview this TROLLS movie this weekend. Not really my cup'o'tea, but then that's just a given. I'm definitely not the target audience. It had few laughs though. I can see kids eating it up. For the supposed adults in the audience there's Anna Kendrick, who is very much a grownup's plaything with her hot little blue velour dress for the premiere this weekend. She's sexy with a tinge of adorable, which is always been Anna's MO. It's interesting how much she's grown on me over the years. It was always obvious Anna had the capacity to be hot, but there was a time when I found myself not-so-taken with her sometimes mousy features. I've even warmed to those in recent years. Girl is adorable, especially when she does that smile where her tongue kinda sticks out from behind her teeth. That is so cute. It's that kind of cuteness Anna just exudes from head to toe.

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