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Anna Faris provides safe passage for side boob at Passengers premiere

12.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

Member back in the early 2000's when Anna Faris and her goofy/airy style of humor was considered endearing? There were those who credited Anna's silly antics as one of the reasons she was sexy – I couldn't have disagreed more. In fact, it's probably the main reason I never really gave much thought to her looks. Leave it to the slightest bit of side boob to make my easily distracted ass sit up and take notice. And while her mousy demeanor does little in the way to excite, you never let some tasty boobage go unnoticed. Anytime a halfway decent looking hottie is willing to provide some free looks, the only way to reciprocate is fairly; to not acknowledge the efforts put forth is downright rude. Plus, there's no denying that her brief moment in front of the lens captured the nice, creamy texture of the skin as those unsupported mams passed by. Definitely worth a look.

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