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Angela Simmons & her juicy thighs frolic on Miami beaches

03.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I am far too unfamiliar with 95% of the reality television in this world. What once started as a passing interest in watching strangers live in one house and fight with one another on MTV's "The Real World" and continued into mild amusement with the games and antics of the players of "Survivor," has turned evil with the proliferation of shows which glamourize chicks with big asses and whiny voices gaining status where the term "icon" gets thrown around enough to make me want to vomit.

As far as Angela Simmons goes, when I first saw these pictures of the 27-year old frolicking with friends on the beaches of Miami, I thought, "Hot model with some tasty curves and a delicious set of juicy thighs." This kind of body is highly feminine and sexy in my eyes, far moreso than the overly thin gazelles of Hollywood with their neurotic twitching and soulless eyes. Then I figured out that Angela is the daughter of Joseph Simmons, daddy Run from Run DMC.

Then I read a bit about her being on a show with her family similar to "The Osbournes." I figured out some other banal facts about her but I circled around to my original thought - hot chick with a sexy body on the beach in a swimsuit. That's pretty much all there needs to be in life, realistic or not. 

Source: Zimbio


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