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And we're back with more of Ariel Winter and her booty shorts

06.09.2016by: Droz

Well, we were all about the Bella Thorne set pics from her movie YOU GET ME. Now it looks like daily updates from Ariel Winter's new movie DOG YEARS are the new hotness. I doubt anyone is gonna have any problems with this. Not when she's dressed like she is for this gig. So yeah, Ariel is fantastic. I do have a problem with this movie though and it's all about Burt Reynolds. You look at him here and it's clear this guy should not be trying to make a movie. He can barely stand up, much less walk. As a lifelong fan of Burt, it legitimately hurts to see him in this situation, forced to rely on his barely legal, barely dressed co-star just to stay upright. Not the kind of fate I would have ever wanted for The Bandit. I don't know what the motive is for him taking this role. There have been rumors about financial issues, which he denies. Still, looking at him here, I can't imagine he's doing this for the pure love of the craft. Kinda sad, but at least we have Ariel's ass to soothe our woes.

Source: Superior Pics


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