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And now back to fun with Ariel Winter's fundament

01.11.2017by: No Cool Handle

I would like to see a full-scale investigation into what happened between the time Ariel Winter publicly expressed concerns over being exploited for her giant tits – one of the reasons she underwent breast reduction surgery – to spending most of her time exploiting her ass, tits and whatever else she can fit into a selfie. What circumstance led to such a dramatic 180? I think it's important to know the details because perhaps an attempt at re-creating those conditions could coax conservative hotties into flooding their social media accounts with provocative imagery. Then we'd see an uptick in shots like the one Ariel posted. Every young hottie looking to up their notoriety by bending over the helm; aiming their most intimate of areas directly at the camera – Ahoy! Suffice it to say, Ariel Winter's tush fares well on sea and on land.

Source: Instagram


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