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Anastasia Ashley is making pearls with that fit booty

01.27.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I finally got around to watching FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY and while the entire movie is a bunch of stupid, lame, implausible bullshit, the one thing that stuck out to me from the start is that I don't think I've ever known a woman named Anastasia. Like, ever. So it was a twist of fate when I found the images of professional surfer and sometimes model, Anastasia Ashley relaxing on the beach and picking up some of the sand on that fit rear of hers. The name Ashley, yes, I think we see that often and perhaps a little too much but have any of you ever grown up with or even casually met an Anastasia before? Not that there's some little timid mouse of a virginal college student who actually exists in this world, or at least not one that would take to being dominated so easily by a dude who rebuffs pretty much everything she does. I read the book and as bad as I thought that was (where was the editor to change some of those "clambers" she uses?), the saddest thing is that the movie is pretty damn faithful to the book. Which, oy. Can the religious right stop persecuting porn so that we don't have to be subjected to porn masquerading as "romance"?
Source: TMZ


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