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Analeigh Tipton does some teasing in a tank top

02.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

I remember seeing Analeigh Tipton for the fist time in Crazy, Stupid, Love and thinking nothing of her. Then I saw this video for a 2010, Maxim photoshoot; needles to say, she's had my attention since. I've been waiting awhile for her to deliver unto us a more recent, sexy photo set. This somewhat tepid Jason Goodrich one is just hot enough to be worthy of some attention - mainly for obvious reasons. She looks to be maturing nicely, the body is being kept toned and she's wearing a slightly see through top without a bra. There's some nice (albeit, few) pics of those beauties standing in full attention, etching out the topography of her northern region nicely. She may not be the most buxom of babes out there, but she's a babe nonetheless. She actually has a supermodel figure. Here's hoping Lui magazine takes notices of that and nixes the tease in favor of full on coverage of her tight form.

Source: Got Celeb


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