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Anal Hathaway

10.01.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I just want to reassure all the men who are obsessed with trying to get anal sex out of their women and failing. There are those of us who actually enjoy it. Trouble is, much like you end up with women who won't relent, us pooper-troopers usually end up with squeamish clean freaks who won't give us the reaming we're screaming for.

On a completely related note, Anne Hathaway does not like anal sex. Or perhaps she does. One thing that's for certain, the internet rumour getting passed around that her upcoming interview in Esquire magazine quoting her as saying that, "Every woman should try it, otherwise they miss out on something amazing," has been disputed by the people at Esquire magazine themselves. Spoilsports.

I think I'm going to come up with a list of celebrity women that I believe would be willing to support the pro-anal doctrine. Let's start with Megan Fox. Hey, my dreams all start that way so why shouldn't the list?

Source: Defamer


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