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Ana de la Reguera is totally open about how hot she is

04.07.2016by: Droz

You know from movies like NACHO LIBRE and COWBOYS AND ALIENS, or shows like Narcos and Eastbound & Down, what kind of hottie Mexican princess Ana de la Reguera is. I'm rather fond of her from that last show, where she played Kenny Powers' south of the border girlfriend, right up until he caught her doing butt stuff with some other guy and broke his heart. Wasn't too great for Kenny, but that was one of the more memorable moments of the entire series for me, mostly because I was having similar desires for Ana. As you can see in her new magazine spread below, girl has a butt tailor made for such things. Ana's got the Mexican beauty thing happening like a champ - one of the more impressive examples of the breed, I think. She ramps that up big time with that booty. There's something about a Latina with a nice round ass. Nothing but walking, talking sex appeal. I love 'em.

Source: Open Revista


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