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Ana de Armas is the literal new hotness in Hollywood

08.23.2016by: Droz

It seems like the phenomenon of relatively unknown foreign actresses suddenly rocketing to mainstream prominence is increasing in Hollywood. We saw this happen recently with Alicia Vikander, who seemed to go from obscure Swedish actress to Oscar winner in barely a year's time. Could be the next iteration of this rapid rise is Cuban hottie Ana de Armas, who has a role in this week's HANDS OF STONE, as well as the recently released WAR DOGS, and will be seen in the upcoming BLADE RUNNER sequel. Before this, she was one of those relatively unheard of Cuban actress working in Spain. Now she's all over in 2016 and has a solid gig in one of 2017's most anticipated movies. That might sound rather unlikely, until you check out some of her past magazine spread goodness. Then it makes all the sense in the world. Girl is a delectable dish of Cuban goodness.

Ana de Armas Hotness

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