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Ana de Armas' beautiful red carpet walk

10.09.2015by: No Cool Handle

Here's the relatively unknown Ana de Armas attending the latest exploitation flick – in which she costars – from Eli Roth: Knock Knock. Now, I'm something of a movie idealist. I prefer not to know every little thing about the movie I'm seeing before I even see the damn thing – especially these types of movies that hinge everything on twists and turns. So when I say this movie involves this sexy Cuban actress and her pal (Lorenza Izzo) sexaully molesting Keanu Reeves at gunpoint, it's only speculation. But what a wonderful thing to ponder. The last movie I can think of where we've seen this kind of thing was the Thomas Jane indie film: Thursday. That's the first time I can recall seeing a woman rape a man, and I have waited patiently to witness this twisted fantasy re-imagined. I know; I'm a sick f#*k that should be locked away. Anyway, if this movie can deliver on its promise, Ana de Armas may go from relatively unknown to overnight infamy. I highly doubt the movie itself will.

Source: Hollywood Tuna


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