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An impressive display of bikini modeling skills by Holland Roden

09.24.2015by: No Cool Handle

Here's one for you. Take a good look at this curvaceous, super sexy redhead. Soak in the beautiful bust, the flat stomach and lovely eyes. Then imagine some scenario which you actually get to ask Holland Roden the question – can you tell me a little bit about yourself? She responds by saying, "I majored in molecular biology and women's studies at UCLA, and I spent three and a half years in pre-med trying to become a cardiothoracic surgeon." Da f^^k? That's like Tara Reid playing an archaeologist in Alone in the Dark; if Tara Reid was a smoking hot 28-year-old ginger. Or better yet, Jessica Alba playing a scientist in Fantastic Four. Before anyone freaks out and makes the assumption that I'm equating beautiful to stupid – I'm not. But let's be realistic; this is not a common, everyday thing. If that really hurt anyone's delicate feminist sensibilities, than I'll throw in one more comparison. That's like Ryan Gosling retrofitting rockets.

Source: Got Celeb


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