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An angelic Megan Fox covers her boobs in a clip from PASSION PLAY

05.17.2011by: Seth Gecko

Considered one of the worst films to debut at the last official TIFF, PASSION PLAY despite its exceptional cast has become quite the punchline for critics describing what not to do with this kind of film. Even our own Chris Bumbray tore the film a new asshole when he reviewed it at last year's TIFF with a 1/10 rating. At this point, the only thing the film seems to be floating on really is Megan Fox who is the subject of this article. In the clip below, Megan is shown with angel wings and covering up her boobs with her arms. Why is she doing this? I seriously have no idea but she's damn near topless so I'll spare you the agony of an explanation and just allow you to see the clip.

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