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An accurate representation of Ireland Baldwin's long legs

09.17.2015by: No Cool Handle

Someone gave me a little bit of shit about the title of my last post of Ireland Baldwin that read: Kim Basinger's legs and Alec Baldwin's ass. The response was basically, "I can't see her legs in these pictures, I feel cheated." I have a habit of speaking in movie quotes, and sometimes that bleeds over into what I write. Yes, the headline was inaccurate in regards to her legs visibility -- it was more of a reference from a Will Ferrell comedy. I'll let you guys post below if you know which one. However if that wound cut deep, then let me make amends by offering you a set of photos that feature her legs and ass.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I think a lot of the time many girls wish they could dress really slutty without being judged. How else do you explain the fact that every hot girl now uses Halloween as an excuse to do so? Slutty nurse, slutty maid, slutty schoolgirl, slutty Congresswoman -- Ireland Baldwin choose the slutty school girl. It was an excellent choice, and I'd just like to say that there are many like me who can appreciate, and still respect ladies who just enjoy slutting it up. You don't need to wait till Halloween to do so; follow Ireland's example and just do it because it's a Wednesday. I promise many of us (especially in this day and age) will not only refrain from judging you, but applaud your liberated sexuality. There is caveat -- in return -- you can't judge us when we see you in said outfits and immediately engage in public wanking. In the near future that will be considered (like breast-feeding) a natural, necessary function.


Source: Got Celeb


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