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Amy Schumer brings out the big'uns at Snatched premiere

05.12.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Amy Schumer knows exactly what she's doing. The critics have been dogpiling on her new movie, SNATCHED, panning everything from how the filmmakers handled the South American characters to simply detailing it as boring. The commentary ranges from mild, ("It's more like an extended sketch show where only every second or third joke works.") to scathing, (It's ultimately as complacent, self-absorbed and clueless as its heroine, and not always in an especially amusing way.") and currently sits at a whopping 2.2 rating on IMDB, tying it with the infamously hated GLITTER. So it's smart that Amy decided to put all that skin out on the red carpet, in what I assume is an effort to get people to talk about anything other than the movie she's trying to sell. She looks uncomfortable though, with no smiles and a weird posture to her body that suggests she's either not liking the dress or about a half second from flinching because she thinks something is going to get thrown at her. I wonder if I'm the only one who's noticing that her chest freckles are very similar to her BFF, Jennifer Lawrence's. Only me?
Source: Tom And Lorenzo


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