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Amy Adams was the prettiest flower at the Palm Springs Film Festival

01.04.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I'm already missing the Amy Adams boob show that went on while the actress was promoting her two big movies from last year, ARRIVAL and NOCTURNAL ANIMALS. Every other day we turned around to see her putting her decolletage on display as she worked the red carpet, sporting that huge grin of hers that just sucks you into her vortex of sexy. At the Palm Springs International Film Festival, it looks as if Amy took the median age demographic for the city into consideration when choosing her attire for the night, wearing a very long and very not low cut enough dress with embellished little flowers all over it. She also kept up with the PDA with her husband, Dareen Le Gallo, who has to be the luckiest son of a bitch out there, having met Amy in acting class back in 2001 and has managed to hook himself up with her success (he's got a few minor roles in stuff but we all know he's happy to be a cuckold, not that I believe Adams has a domineering bone in her body). When she finally does win an Oscar, which I have no doubt will happen over the course of her career, he might want to double down on whatever he's been doing to keep her thus far. Ryan Phillippe, Chad Lowe and Eric Benet (amongst others) could provide a few pointers...
Source: Tom And Lorenzo


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