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Amy Adams stays up nights promoting her Nocturnal Animals

11.04.2016by: Droz

I don't recall ever seeing so much of Amy Adams in such a short amount of time. Seems she's quite motivated to push this NOCTURNAL ANIMALS movie. She's doing more for that movie than she is for ARRIVAL, which comes out two weeks earlier. I'm not complaining though. It wasn't too long ago when my complaint was that there wasn't hardly any Amy, so I'm prepared to ride this Amy publicity wave for as long as it lasts. But even if Amy seems focused on the potential of getting herself that elusive Oscar win with NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, I'm anticipating ARRIVAL a lot more. Seems like the only semi original sci-fi we get anymore is that high concept stuff that comes later in the year. The rest of the time it's CGI-heavy nonsense looking to maximize summer box office grosses, or rehashed crap getting dumped early in the year. Give me a fascinating story of aliens and humans trying to communicate and relate any day. Putting Amy in the middle of that is the cherry on top.

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