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Amy Adams sparkles brighter than a Rocky Mountain night sky

09.06.2016by: Droz

The film festivals seem to be coming on fast now. Some of these I haven't even heard of before. Others I thought were more of a winter thing, like the Telluride Film Festival taking place in sunny Colorado. Aren't Rocky Mountain film festivals supposed to be marked by copious amounts of snow and cold? I guess not, which is fortunate as it allowed the radiant Amy Adams to show up for the festival's opening looking all sparkly and gorgeous with her perfect red hair and uplifting demeanor. I look at her here and I completely understand why she might make an excellent Earth ambassador to an alien visitor, as we've seen in all these ARRIVAL trailers. It wouldn't be possible for someone to form a completely bad impression of humanity with Amy as their go between. No one can hate her or feel threatened by her. Even when she she's acting all tough, she's still adorable. You gotta love Amy. It's like a rule.

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