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Amy Adams slips us some bikini booty on the beach

12.10.2015by: Droz

Here's someone we haven't had a whole lot to report on lately, I'm sorry to say. Where did Amy Adams go all of the sudden? For awhile she was all up in those Oscar nominated movies and winning awards and acclaim from everyone. Then she kind of downshifted for a bit. Perhaps she wanted to spend more time with the fam and all that. No matter, as the redhead hottie is back for a new photo shoot being shot down Santa Monica way. Some real nice shots of Amy letting the curvy booty slip out of her summery sweater. Clearly this is something intended for publication in warmer 2016 months, but how nice that we get a little preview in chilly December. It's better than a preview actually, as by the look of things the final spread ain't gonna have the views we're getting here. Yet another time when they totally missed the good shots. Foolish people. Always get the ass shot. Why is that so hard for you to remember?

Source: Hawt Celebs


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