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Amy Adams sits for a few Super sweet portraits

03.18.2016by: Droz

Yesterday we saw Gal Gadot's press portraits while doing the whole Q&A thing for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. Now it's Amy Adams' turn to have her every move documented while answering questions. I'm thankful for their sensitivity with these portrait pics. Sometimes they like to post every weird, out of context face the subject makes while musing on their latest project. These maintain Amy's dignity, for the most part. Although my favorite Amy find of the week doesn't do the same. In fact, I'm sure her role in the inexplicably forgotten PSYCHO BEACH PARTY is something she would very much like to erase from the collective memory of the planet. Fortunately or unfortunately, she can't do that. Unfortunate for her, but fortunate for us who will get a whole lot out of watching a young Amy desperately trying to hide her lack of bikini bottoms with a burger basket.

Source: NSFW


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