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Amy Adams makes a stunning arrival at the Venice Film Festival

09.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

I can't help but feel like the folks responsible for marketing ARRIVAL (Trailers, TV spots, ads ect.) have their heads buried in the sand. Everything I've seen has an air of been there done that; an alien invasion/first contact movie like everyone that's come before it, when positive early buzz suggest that it's anything but. Although, I think this is one of those movies where critics give a director like Denis Villeneuve a lot of rope – after SICARIO, and a couple of ballys indie films like ENEMY, that's understandable. But why not represent the movie as an invasion story we haven't seen before? Seems like the obvious thing to do; right? Maybe they figure having an ace in the hole, Amy Adams, is enough to get asses in the seats – they wouldn't be wrong. Here she is attending a screening at the Venice Film Festival looking all kinds of elegant. We spend a lot of time and money searching the stars for signs of intelligent life; sending audio transmission out into the void. I think we'd get a quicker response if we shuttled out some Amy Adams photos. If that doesn't get anyone's attention, we truly are alone in the universe.

Source: NS4W


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