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Amy Adams liked a plunging neckline for the 2017 Academy Awards

02.27.2017by: No Cool Handle

Amy Adams decided against a traditional red carpet entrance to the 2017 Oscars, instead, opting instead for some backdoor action. (Who could pass up an opportunity to use Amy Adam's name and backdoor action in the same sentence?) Was this an imputed response to the Academy's failure to recognize Amy Adam's performance in ARRIVAL with a nod of her own? I somehow doubt it; Amy Adams doesn't strike me as the "easily wounded" type. I think she wanted her silver knockers to have more of an impact when walking out on the stage to present. I know my full attention was given in that excellent moment I saw her – much of her – on display and in high-definition. She's loves a deep plunging neckline, as do we all. The 42-year-old actress didn't let this revealing number go to waste either, provided more views while making her way into the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Unlike her turn in ARRIVAL, Amy Adams made sure her rack got the nod it deserves.

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