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Amy Adam's latest spread for those who find her alluring

03.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's an exciting epoch for comic book fans, a time of pitting hero against hero. Daredevil V. Punisher this Friday, Batman V. Superman next Friday and Captain America V. Iron Man this summer; thunderous battles that will no doubt end in underwhelming stalemates to ensure the continuation of each cross over franchise. But enough about muscle-bound superhero's kicking the super shit out of each other, lets focus on the women they love - Superman's infatuation to be specific.

Amy Adams showered in her clothes for Allure Magazine to a surprisingly sexy affect. Usually, I'd call bs when a hottie is showering with a shirt on, or is playing a stripper that doesn't strip, but this spread is very thirst quenching. Maybe because - like Supes - I find any images of a wet Ms. Adams very appealing. Forget Batman, how about a movie dedicated to Superman facing a much stronger opponent ... celibacy. All the geeks out there want answers to questions like: who'd win in a fight? The pervs out there want answers to questions like: Can Lois Lane take a super banging without being killed by balls of steel?

Source: Allure


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