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Amy Adams gives Hilary Duff a run for her money in the wearing of butt pants

07.08.2016by: Droz

You know how much of a fan Hilary Duff is of the butt jeans. Repeated imagery of her wearing these super tight, curves enhancing denim beauties have proven her fealty there time and time again. Now it's Amy Adams turn to try on the literal ass pants for her grocery run. Not bad, Amy. I've noticed she's thickened up a bit lately. Not sure what's behind that, but the result is a body not altogether different from Hilary's. Although there's no mistaking those red locks. This will always distinguish Amy from the rest of the pack, which is probably one of the main reasons she keeps coloring it that way. Another singularly Amy feature is how she doesn't have to make any attempt to impress the paps following her around. She can go ahead and wear the baggy shirt it looks like slept in the night before and everything will still be super hot, thanks to the little bra strap reveal the view downtown it gives us when she bends over. Effortless hotness is just one of the things making Amy one of the greatest.

Source: NSFW


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