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Amy Adams gets her publicity events all mixed up, but in a good way

10.17.2016by: Droz

So Amy Adams has been doing double duty the last few weeks, promoting both her movies NOCTURNAL ANIMALS and ARRIVAL in another one of those whirlwind promo tours which takes her all over the planet. The life of a jet set celebrity A-lister. To her credit, the constant travel from place to place hasn't put a dent in her ability to bring the hotness to the various red carpets and TV shows and all the rest of the things that go along with an international publicity tour. She's doing the London premiere of NOCTURNAL ANIMALS looking like a sexy, redhead angel. Then she's over at The Graham Norton Show promoting ARRIVAL with Jeremy Renner, doing that leggy cleavage thing again - all without skipping a beat. Must be the mark of a true pro.

Speaking of Amy Adams cleavage, I think I might have solved the mystery of why she's been putting out so much boob lately. Just look at this promo pic from her NOCTURNAL ANIMALS movie. That could be it. Girl just fell in the love with the idea of long black dresses that put out lots of cleavage, aka the Morticia Addams look. It's working well for her. And us.

Amy Adams Nocturnal Animals

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