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Amy Adams and Isla Fisher join forces in an alliance of redhead hotness

10.31.2016by: Droz

They're doing a ton of promotional stuff for this new NOCTURNAL ANIMALS movie. They apparently really want everyone to go see it. I can see why. Having either Amy Adams or Isla Fisher in a movie alone would be a good reason to at least investigate it. Putting them both in there together? That's just excellent casting right there. I can't say if the movie is any good. It seems to be getting fairly positive reviews, but those are no guarantee that its somewhat unconventional style will appeal to more than the art house crowd. Whatever the movie is like, putting two beauties like these together will go down as one of its better aspects. I especially love the two of them here for the movie's photocall, looking glorious with their bright red locks aflame over black dresses, so that the red stands out even more. So beautiful. It almost breaks the heart to look at them, knowing you'll never know what it's like to run your fingers through those auburn locks. I'll bet they smell like strawberries.

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