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Amy Adams always puts on a good show

02.25.2016by: Droz

It's nice to see Amy Adams starting to come back from the little breather she took in 2015. She was on quite a roll there for awhile, doing one Oscar-nominated performance after another and generally being lauded by every person on the face of the Earth. She deserves all the praise she gets. As good as all the current stuff is in her life, I do kinda wish I could have known Amy back in her early days when she was still just a struggling young woman on her own. As you can see by the caption in the second pic below, Amy was once a Hooters girl when she was 18. Can you imagine? Amy Adams bringing you your hot wings in one of those signature shirts with the little shorts? Granted, no one knew who Amy was then, but she was still Amy. That must have been an amazing experience for those lucky pervs who stopped in for some shitty food and the chance to ogle some hotties. Just goes to show you that great things sometimes come in small packages, or in this case small t-shirts.

Source: Marie Claire


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