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Amber Stevens West wears the hell out of a leather skirt

03.28.2017by: No Cool Handle

You may remember Amber Stevens West from 22 JUMP STREET – and if not – something tells me you'll remember the name after seeing this sexy up and comer walk the red carpet in a short, black, leather miniskirt. There's not a lot of skin showing – beyond those bangin' legs she walks around on – but her chosen outfit is tight enough to show off the incredible figure residing underneath. Amber may find herself being typecast as the love interest in many comedies for years to come. She hardly needs to do anything but exist to become the object of any man's affection; a hottie worth pining over. The only thing that's kept me from featuring her as much as possible is bitterness -- I'm still stewing over her marriage to that guy from The Walking Dead (Andrew J. West). I've found myself continually deterred from a good Instagram raid because of all the lovey-dovey shit that's posted on there. So when she showed up to the NBCUniversal Summer press event without her spouse, I couldn't help but take notice.

Source: NS4W


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