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Amber Heard is our Hottie of the Month for June 2017 (video)

06.19.2017by: Droz

Feels like we've walked a long road with Amber Heard over the years. Starting out as one of the most unbelievably beautiful and sexy young things always getting down to all kinds of sexy in her roles, she eventually came out as bisexual, thus making herself a natural bridge between the hottie-loving community and the LGBTQ community. Sadly, she's spent much of her time in the last year or so as a participant in one of the most contentious Hollywood breakups in the long, sad history of contentious Hollywood breakups.

This latest development has given Amber something of a black eye in certain quarters. However you may feel about all that mess, I prefer to focus on the good things she's brought to our table, as well as those yet to come. With that in mind, please to enjoy a little collection of Amber's goodest goodies we've whipped up just for you.

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