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Amber Heard gives us a weirdly hot Interview

05.21.2015by: Droz

It's good to see that Amber Heard isn't devoting the entirety of her hotness potential for her fiance. She clearly keeps a little reserve tank of sexy around to make happen spreads like those in this month's Interview magazine. It's also good to see her starting to inch her way back into the public life after a prolonged courting period with her guy. I suppose that's what you could call it. An extended orgy of untold sexual escapades between multiple parties is probably the more accurate way to describe how things seem to go down with those two.

I sometimes feel bad that I'm so fixated on Amber's sex life. I'm sure she'd rather everyone go see her movies and leave her private life as just that - private. I'm sorry Amber, but knowing what we know about your life simply doesn't allow me to selectively forget the facts. I can't help but think of all the places that mouth and tongue she's so aggressively showing to us has been and all the things it's done. Maybe if I wasn't blessed/cursed with an overactive imagination I could live more in the moment and not become lost in a sexual fantasy about Amber's sexual reality. I am who I am and Amber is who Amber is. I wouldn't change anything there.

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