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Amber Heard always stands by her man

01.04.2016by: Droz

It's been something of a tough road for Johnny Depp lately, what with his Whitey Bulger biopic BLACK MASS not performing quite as well as many folks hoped, despite Johnny giving one of his better performances in it. Perhaps a symptom of the persistent Depp fatigue putting a dampener on his box office returns? Hard to say. I know they're thinking another PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie will fix this. Maybe they're right. However, should even Capt. Sparrow be unable to bring back decent moviegoer sentiments for Johnny, that might begin to spell out some unpleasant truths for the onetime Hollywood powerhouse. But you know what? None of that shit matters, because look who Johnny gets to come to? Having Amber Heard as your wedded bang buddy has to overrule any bad news.

"So you hated my movie? No biggie. I'm going home to bang Amber Heard now."

"What's that you said? I'm box office poison now? Huh, interesting. Well, Amber and some of her girlfriends are having an orgy in our exquisitely appointed bedroom. Gotta go."

Yeah, he's got nothing to worry about.

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