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Amanda Seyfried was looking fine for French fashions

03.09.2015by: Droz

Apparently everybody who's anybody is in Paris right now looking at fashion shit and rubbing elbows with fellow trendy people. Yeah, whatever. They say clothes make the man. I believe that. Some guy dressed up in some expensive shit, strutting around like he's king shit of the universe, need only be momentarily glanced at for a clear understanding of his enormous capacities for douchiness. That's usually how it goes with the guys, but things are not so clear cut with the ladies. Most women like to dress up. I think that's just something particular to their gender. They can still be cool though, despite whatever they may be wearing. Take Amanda Seyfried here, who we all know is a cool person. Normally Amanda seems content to keep things casual, taking the dog for a walk or just bumbing around LA. Girl does clean up good though, as you can see. I just wish there were more things to see Amanda in. The last thing I saw her in was A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST, which was okay but not as good as stuff like CHLOE or LOVELACE. To put it another way, we need more full frontal lesbian scenes with Amanda. There can never be enough of those. 

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