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Amanda Seyfried stares us down at the CFDA Awards in New York

My favorite amateur meteorologist took a break from acting with stuffed bears to attend the CFDA Awards in New York, and she looked as stunning as always. It seems like she’s getting even thinner and leaner – which isn’t a bad thing – but while some other, um, assets are accentuated less than they used to be, her sharp facial features are given that much more prominence.

Those bright doe eyes could break down the will of any man, and I’d be willing to sit through all the CFDA Awards in the world (whatever they are) for a chance to be Amanda’s date for the night. We’ll be seeing more of Amanda this summer as she hits the press rounds for TED 2, which brings me nothing but joy to think of. She’s certainly reaching the top of her hotness game recently, and after seeing her clearing bong rips in the trailers for TED 2, I just might have a new summer fling on my hands.

Source: Superior Pics


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