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Amanda Seyfried opts for the gangsta bitch look for the Ted 2 premiere

06.25.2015by: Droz

Amanda Seyfried may have been going for a few different looks at the TED 2 premiere last night. One can also find ample cornrows action at your local Renaissance Faire, being sported by women in cleavage heavy wench costumes who are well read in medieval fantasy literature. I'll let you take your pick on which of those two you enjoy more. Whatever her inspiration, the look suits Amanda nicely. There isn't much that doesn't come across flattering on her. She's the rare breed of hottie who always has a certain minimum degree of hotness about her. Even when she's not made up and making no effort into being in any way attractive to anyone, she's still pretty damn bangable to me. That's natural beauty at work. No set of sweatpants or baggy hoodies can put a dent in that kind of loveliness. Only time can do that in. Amanda's hottie clock ain't even close to running out yet.

Source: NSFW


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