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Amanda Seyfried is a beautiful girl in so many ways

05.26.2015by: Droz

Most of us here are fully versed in all the numerous things there are to love about Amanda Seyfried. For those not in the Amanda club, there are six representations of why she's so great in the gallery below. Girl is as beautiful and nicely put together as anyone I've ever seen. She's also sexy as hell and a good actress to boot. That's all great, but I think the thing that most endears me to Amanda, besides the obvious visual treats, is the relationship she has with her best buddy, Finn. Amanda and her dog are pretty much joined at the hip, which is very much how I am to my canine confidant, who as I write this lays curled up at my feet. No doubt anyone who might seek to take up with Amanda would also need to take up with Finn. That wouldn't be a problem for me, as he seems like a pretty cool fella. They do have a good time together, as the cute video below demonstrates. Amanda getting all sexy is great, but watching her be so cute with her furry friend is just as good a reason to adore her.

Source: NSFW


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