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Amanda Seyfried has a mouth like a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk

08.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Ever since Amanda Seyfried lost a bunch of weight from her more robust starter acting years, she shrunk that famously fuller chest of hers from a D to a small C cup and we no longer get to appreciate photoshoots showing off that cleavage. Now, in some cases that means we get to see up her skirt instead and in others we get to check out her beautifully pale complexion and striking features. This is the case in the current issue of Vogue Russia, where the photographer seems to have focused his attention on that blossom of a mouth she has, painted in red as a striking juxtaposition to her creamy skin. And since I've (finally) started to binge "Mad Men," all I can think about is the comment Roger Sterling made about redheads. While Amanda might not have the ginger tresses, that puss of hers certainly is a sweet drop to look at, ain't it?


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