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Amanda Seyfried gives good upskirt/downblouse while getting felt up in Rome

04.01.2015by: Droz

I suppose anyone who has done as many photo shoots for magazines and whatnot as Amanda Seyfried, probably has come to understand how such things work. It's lots of sitting or standing around waiting for people to get the lighting right, or move stuff around or fuss with her hair or her make up or her outfit. Basically, it's hours of fiddling about until they capture a moment everyone can be happy with. The pursuit of that one perfect moment forces the talent to sacrifice a lot of things, among them being personal space. Thus these various people coming to essentially get a handful of Amanda's tits or a nice, long stroke of her legs. In any other setting these people would become criminals quickly dispatched with extreme prejudice by some burly ex-cop bodyguard. Here, these people are actually paid to violate Amanda's person repeatedly throughout the day. Yet another of those "how do I get this job" moments.

Source: NSFW


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