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Amanda Seyfried brings her dog to everything, including her Elle UK spread

05.22.2014by: Droz

Amanda Seyfried really loves her dog Finn. I understand why. He is a handsome fella. He also seems like a nice pooch. Her love for her dog makes me think even more highly of Amanda. Sure, I'd have pleasant thoughts about her even if I knew she was a huge bitch. Just look at the girl. I could never fully hate someone that hot. I've found that people who dote and devote a significant part of their daily lives to the needs and wants of their dogs, as Amanda always seems to do, are usually okay people. Just don't do anything that's going to have a negative impact on their 4-legged life partner. Dog people tend to have a T-Rex-like tenacity about protecting their pets.

That being said, having Biblically known a few women like this in the past, you do find a few pitfalls to the female dog person, most of them pertaining to things happening in bed. For instance, you have to find a way to be okay with animal voyeurism when your girlfriend is a dog person. Because she's not going to shoo the dog away when you have sex. And don't be surprised if you get a cold, wet nose violating you at some point in the act. Also don't expect to have any kind of comfortable sleep afterward. At some point in the night the dog will find its way in between you and your girl, making you the low man on the totem poll as far as sleeping comfort goes. Eventually you figure out that you're never going to be as important to her as that dog. Which is why people should meet each other first, then get the dog. A guy has to get in their first and establish himself in her heart. Otherwise, the dog is going to hog her heart just like it hogs the bed.


Source: Elle


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