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Alyssa Milano is a sexy puck bunny at the NHL All-Stars bash

01.31.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I most certainly do not agree with Alyssa Milano's choice of favorite team - the LA Kings - only because I'm from SoCal and can tell you that the majority of Kings fans are total douchetwats and frankly, she's better than that. Hell, I'm actually more in favor of the fact that she used to date Wayne McBean, a former New York Islanders defensemen, and the Islanders suck balls. (Some of you are going to spazz out over these comments, I'm sure.) Still, Milano has always been an avid athletic supporter sports enthusiast, so she was on hand in Los Angeles over the weekend for the NHL 100 Gala, where 100 of the best hockey players were celebrated during the All-Stars weekend. I can't say that I love the fact that her face makeup is about 5 shades too light for her face, but that wicked look she gives over her shoulder reminds me of her time on Charmed, which might have been her All-Star moment. As for me? This is my favorite All-Star.

Source: Daily Mail


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