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Alyssa Milano & her mom curves want to help you clean up that mess you just made

09.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Whenever I hear a snarky comment about how Alyssa Milano not being as hot as she used to be before she had kids, I laugh. See, what I'm really hearing is a bunch of people bitter about recognizing their own aging. When you grow up with an actress, cycling through the harmless teen crush years (back when Milano was Tony Danza's tomboyish daughter) to the early masturbatory years (chalk up her time on "Melrose Place" and skin flick movies such as POISON IVY II and EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE) and landing on your Free Pass list during your young adulthood (all throughout "Charmed" you wanted a spell to get her pants off), well... by the time that same actress is a fully realized grownup, you are too. And that might hurt a bit. It makes you recall when you were younger, fitter, more of a go-getter. When certain places on your body weren't as close to the floor and your wardrobe didn't get organized into degrees of comfort. So what if Milano is a mommy and doing famous mommy things like creating signature designs for paper towels? It's OK. You not going out and drinking on a weeknight is OK too. I promise. Here's a paper towel for your tears.
Source: Celeb Mafia


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