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Alyssa Milano dusted off her golden globes for an after party

01.11.2017by: Cherry Liquor

So many of you Schmoes grew up on the greatness that is Alyssa Milano, whether you're older and appreciated her as a teenager on Who's the Boss? or a bit younger and spent your time ogling her financial investments on Charmed. However, in more recent years the only way we got to see her magical pair was in Instagram pictures and that was with a kid's head in the way. I'm all for Milano being a champion of normalizing breastfeeding, I've just never understood why it needed to be a political talking point in carefully staged photographs. I preferred the way that Maggie Gyllenhaal went about nursing her children - by simply whipping out a tit and nourishing her baby while she just so happened to also get snapped by a paparazzi while doing it.

Alyssa is bringing her big guns out now, for the Weinsteins Golden Globe after party, because it looks as if we're finally going to be getting some new material from her. She's one of the actors signed up for NetFlix's Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later, due out later this year. And while I'm excited to see how she approaches the decade in which she really came into hotness IRL, seeing as how 10 years later still places the new show in 1991, which was a year before her run on WTB? ended.

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