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Alyson Stoner's flat and sexy midriff for High Strung premiere

04.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

Unbeknownst to me, Alyson Stoner (that once little kid from those CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN movies) is also something of a dance choreographer - looking at her fit form, it now seems so obvious. She put on a lovely midriff show starring her flat tummy and kissable bellybutton while walking the red carpet for some C movie premiere called HIGH STRUNG; a movie I think is about some conservative ballet dancer who transforms into a dry humping hip-hop dancer. That might be something worth a late night look on Net Flix if it was Ms. Stoner doing the bumping and grinding, but no such luck. Maybe the possibility of STEP IT UP 11 being an R rated sequel exists and Alyson Stoner will be cast in the lead; just rehash the plot of Showgirls. No one watches that shit for an original plot anyhow.

Source: celeb mafia


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