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Alyson Stoner seems ok with losing her pants

02.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

That's Alyson Stoner? That's the plain Jane youngin from those 'Cheaper by the Dozen' flicks? She's grown up; She's filled out; She forgot her f#*king pants for her Cliche Magazine photoshoot. That's a good way to promote her new album - aptly titled, Woman. Real quick; Here's a partial quote: To be blunt... That's it. It's just my inner Bevis and Butthead, amused when a person named Stoner says, "To be blunt." Anyway; how freakin fine did she turn out? Take a gander at those excellent pins, particularly the thighs, and that'll make it fair to say, very. Thankfully those 'Dozen' movies were so bad I'll never have a need to endure them again. I wouldn't be able to help thinking questionable things when her younger self appears in frame. Not because of the girl she was, but because of the ridiculously sexy woman she's become. Has she been around and I've just been oblivious? Maybe I should look into that.

Source: Got Celeb


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