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The flawless Alycia Debnam-Carey's Jimmy Kimmel Show appearance

08.31.2015by: No Cool Handle

The CW is one of the biggest proponents of eugenics. Case in point: Alycia Debnam-Carey, perpetuating the high standard of beauty required to be cast in a show like The 100. This proves the CW doesn't hire based on talent, but rather a skewed set of minimum requirements. First and foremost; you must be at least this hot star in one of our series. It doesn't matter if the character they're casting for is a homeless, inbred, former Miss Chicken Wing Eating champion. They'll still hire the most implausibly hot piece of tail - whose perfect ass imprints on their casting couch. This Aussie bred attraction only creates a solid foundation for which that argument rests on. Showing up to the Jimmy Kimmel show with her flawless skin, piercing hazel eyes, full pouting lips and spectacular anatomical attributes. Here's a quick test for you. Find any time telling device, and see how long you have to fixate on these photos before you develop an infatuation for this blooming onion.

Source: hawtcelebs


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