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Aly Michalka is clearly HOT, Part 2

10.12.2010by: Lester Diamond
Adding fuel to Cherry's 'Hot or Not' column earlier today are these pics of Aly Michalka, which I think clearly cement her position as HOT. Aly made an appearance at the RED premiere yesterday in a sexy dress that makes me think of satin sheets (in a very, very good way). If you just look at the picture above, you can clearly see Aly has mastered the "come hither" look. I imagine a few cameramen going home to their wives and telling them "it's just not working" after being subjected to that look in person. I don't even want to start commenting on her shapely/tight body (which plays a cheerleader on a weekly TV show) as I might just ramble on over my word limit for the day. However, "WOW" is all I will say at the moment.

I know some folks are put off by her supposed "simpleton" nature in regards to Evolution, but honestly....I could care less. The woman is clearly on this Earth to be a pretty face with a smoking body. I'm sure at this point she probably doesn't even know how to make toast, so if she believes a huge hand is moving her around a virtual doll house most of the day I'm completely fine with that. The minute she decides to run for Governor, I'll probably be concerned. If she still looks like this, wears a dress like that and gives the look above during her will probably be less of a concern. After all, what kind of a mess could an actor actually get California involved in? Ohh....Sh*t!


Extra Tidbit: Do political/religious views effect your perception of a woman's beauty? Should we just implement a "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy for all hot women moving forward?
Source: Hollywood Tuna
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