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Also attending the She's Funny That Way premier, Genevieve Morton and her side boob

08.20.2015by: No Cool Handle

Not exactly a movie hottie, but hottie who attends a movie; Genevieve Morton brings the two heaviest assets in her arsenal to the She's Funny That Way pemiere...her boobs. Regarding the intro I wrote about Imogen's attendance, and her understated appearance - I said she put her self in a position to be overshadowed by her much more established co-stars like Jennifer Aniston. What I'm saying now is, that possibility is compounded when voluptuous ladies like Miss Morton are also in attendance. In fact, it will not be difficult for Genevieve Morton's bosom alone to overshadow her, just because they're so big they block a lot of light. Imogen may be leagues ahead of her if you're doing a face-to-face comparison, but when so much side boob is showing, watch how difficult it is to get everyone to pay attention to your face. She has such a set, it makes it easy to overlook that the rest of her is pretty vanilla.

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