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Allison Williams shows off her impressive abs for Harper's Bazaar

11.25.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I really don't know why I'm not a fan of Allison Williams. She kinda looks like Catherine Mary Stewart, one of my favorite badass babes from the '80's. She's tall, thin, fit. There shouldn't be any just cause for me to be... unimpressed with her. I just don't get the warm fuzzies when I see her. Even with photoshoots like the one she did for the December 2015 issue of Harper's Bazaar, showing off that taut tummy of hers, I only think about what degree of Photoshop they used to enhance those abs. What I find interesting in the dog head tilt way is that Harper's decided to do an extensive "Typical Day" with Williams, where she details a standard 24-hours, going by increments of 15 minutes where she includes scintillating minutia such as cleaning her retainer and singing "Edelweiss" to her dog. Why? WHY? She's clearly not a bad person but who out there is sitting around, dying to know her scrub procedure for dental appliances? 
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