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Allison Williams is a gorgeous gingham girl in Glamour

01.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Because she's the best looking of the girls from "Girls," Allison Williams tends to get more time in the fashion magazine spotlight than her co-stars. That doesn't mean that she has a less annoying personality, though. In the accompanying interview with Glamour magazine, Williams denies all of the rumours about her supposedly having an eating disorder (perhaps the one known as Hollyrexia? Anawood?) "Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy. Itís easier to say, 'Oh, she must be anorexic and depriving herself,' than it is to say, 'She might have a fast metabolism," Allison says. "I deprive myself nothing. But thatís an annoying thing to say, right?" I can't speak for what Williams' real life personality is, I can only roll my eyes at the indulgent preening of a rich girl with a famous parent. While I don't doubt that Williams doesn't deny herself anything, I do think that she lives in a bubble that makes it easier to surround herself with only the best and greatest in the narrow spectrum of her life. She's a pretty lady who was made even better looking by the styling and photoshoot that was done for this February 2015 issue of Glamour, but I can't drink her Kool-Aid without realizing it's been spiked with a dash of BS.
Source: Hollywood Life


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