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Allison Williams heats things up with her red hot Letterman dress

01.07.2015by: Droz

As much as I loathe the prospect of yet another season of Allison Williams' annoying Girls show and the promise of more insipid tales of woe in the lives of neurotic millennials, the situation does have the ancillary benefit of putting more of Allison's hotness out there for us all to appreciate. A perfect example was Allison outside the Letterman studios, wearing this tight red number with the understanding of what's required of hotties who appear on his show. I wonder what carefully orchestrated camera angles they'll figure out to hide Allison's naughty bits from our tender eyes this season. It's actually quite impressive how they've gradually ramped up the intensity of Allison's various sex scenes on this show without even a single nip slip or anything. Impressive and infuriating. She's the only Girls girl who hasn't gotten nude. She's also the only one who I really want to see nude. No, I'm sure it will probably be just endless shots of Lena Dunham's goofily tattooed naked body banging dudes way out of her league. And they wonder why I can't stand this show.

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