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All the world's a stage for Gemma Arterton's perfect boobs

04.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor
The Olivier Awards are given out to actors and performers who were in British stage productions, named after the legendary Laurence Olivier. One of the nominees this year for best actress was Gemma Arterton who was recognized for her work in MADE IN DAGENHAM, a musical based on real life events about women working in a Ford Motor Company plant during 1968 who were getting paid far less than their male counterparts. Gemma was Rita, one of the women who leads a strike of the female employees, making it the NORMA RAE of stage (although not really, seeing as how the play is based on a 2010 movie of the same name). Honestly, I don't know how to segue into talking about how insanely hot Arterton looks on the red carpet. One of the classiest actresses who doesn't need a shit ton of makeup, scant clothing choices or outrageous jewelry to get attention, she's mind-bogglingly hot here. Because, well, boobs. BOOBS. BOOBS! BOOBSBOOBSBOOBS! I feel like Rob Coddry in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 right now. I held on for as long trying to be well-mannered about this but BOOBS. 
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